How We Met

In 2005, Gina was working for a law firm in Redwood City, California. A few months later, Ben moved to the Bay Area from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started working for a tech startup across the street from Gina’s firm. They often frequented the same Peet’s Tea and Coffee shop, which was directly between their offices. They also frequented the same Starbucks, Noah’s Bagels, Safeway, Whole Foods, Max’s Restaurant, Fresh Choice, Barnes and Noble, Boulanger, and several other restaurants. They probably were in the same place at the same time on more than one occasion. However the stars were not aligned at that time.

In October 2008, Gina moved across the Bay to Oakland, while Ben remained on the other side of the Bay in Redwood City. After both experienced many boring, uncomfortable, and otherwise unpromising dates from various online dating web sites, they both decided to try a new web site that promised to match people based on their personalities. Where fate had failed, very smart computer software succeeded; it decided they were a good match. Ben saw Gina’s picture and profile and decided he wanted to learn more. Gina saw that she and Ben had the same exact personality type and decided that he might understand her better than most. After a couple of emails, they quickly decided it was worth their time to talk on the phone – a rare occurrence for both. Their first phone conversation lasted for an hour and a half, and ended only when one of them had to leave for a work emergency. After the call, they decided that they definitely wanted to meet as soon as possible.

On November 23rd of 2008, a beautiful, warm, sunny day, Ben made the drive to Oakland to meet Gina at her favorite restaurant, the Terrace Room, for brunch. After Ben arrived at the restaurant at the agreed upon time, he enjoyed the beautiful view of Lake Merritt while he waited for Gina to arrive. When Gina entered the room, Ben realized it was worth the wait; she was even more gorgeous than she looked in her picture. And after talking with her in person, he was even more impressed by how smart and funny she was. Gina thought Ben was very smart, very cute, and very much an engineer.

After a long brunch, they still wanted to talk more, so they decided to walk around Lake Merritt, almost four miles. When it was time for Gina to leave for an appointment, neither of them wanted the date to end. After a few more dates, everyone who saw them together realized this web site was inevitable!